Colombo Test Lab Professional

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Colombo Morenicol Test Lab Professional


The drop tests give accurate water indications. You can easily store all tests together in the plastic case.

Testing water becomes child's play with the included test tubes, instruction card and note table!

It concerns the following water values: pH, GH, KH, NO2, NO3, NH3 & PO4.

These abbreviations stand for:

  • pH – The acidity
  • GH – The total hardness
  • KH – The carbonate hardness
  • NO2 – Nitrite
  • NO3 – Nitrate
  • NH3 – Ammonia
  • PO4 – Phosphate


Why test?

A healthy pond/aquarium starts with the right water quality, so it is important to test regularly with the drop tests of the Colombo TestLab Professional. The water quality of your aquarium is the most important thing for healthy fish and clear aquarium water. Poor water quality is usually the cause of sick fish and aquarium problems.


What do you get?

All supplies are in a handy plastic case. The supplied test tubes, the instruction card and a note table make water testing very easy and you can store all tests together in the case.


Tip: the Colombo test strips are suitable for a quick indication. You cannot measure NH3 (ammonia) with the test strips. This is crucial for a good nitrogen cycle!

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