Top Wheatgerm Professional - Floating Professional Koivoer for colder temperatures.

Article number: SF814
Selectkoi Top Wheatgerm Professional

Numerous Japanese koi growers recommend to prepare carpenter in winter a diet based on wheat germs. Carp feeds based on wheat germs have proved ideal in the winter to provide the necessary energy. Fish do not grow during the winter months, but need to absorb the necessary energy to maintain the necessary body functions. Wheat germs are rich in vitamin E, which makes the fat in the grain less rancid. This allows them to be stored throughout the winter without the possibility of spoilage. Our Wheatgrass grain contains 10% wheat germs.

Grain: Medium - 6mm

Choice 41 Liter - 15 Kilo
Feed advice: It should be fed 1-2 times a day depending on the fish size and the water temperature and can not eat more than the koi within 5 minutes. Remove unprocessed feed from the pond in case of overfeeding. At water temperatures below 5 ° C no longer be fed.

Rough eggwhite:


Vitamin A:

22500 IU / kg

Raw fat:


Vitamin D3:

3000 IU / kg

Crude fiber:


Vitamin E:

200 mg / kg

Rough axis:


Vitamin C (Stable):

300 mg / kg

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