Top Grower - Floating Run Growth

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Selectkoi Top Grower

This is the best Grower who is out there.

Selectkoi Top Grower is a complete floating grower with a higher protein for proper growth. Especially at a young age can be used with good growth potential protein feed as Selectkoi Top Grower. The right (protein / fat) ratio indicates not only a good growth and muscle development, but also helps to maintain proper form. Top Grower is very tasty and contains high-quality ingredients such as fish and vegetable proteins, which feed easily digestible. Also carry the water stability of this food and produced faeces to a good water quality.

Available in 3 and 6 mm.

Choice 5 Liter - 2 kg / / 10 Liter - 4 Kilo / / 30 Liter 15 kg
Feeding advice: At a water temperature above 10 degrees Top Grower can enter multiple times per day. At a lower temperature, we recommend slowly switching to our Koi Top.
Never carry more than the fish can in 5 minutes.

Crude protein:



Vitamin A:

10000 IU / kg


Crude fat:


Vitamin D3:

2000 IU / kg

Crude fiber:


Vitamin E:

200 mg / kg

Crude ash:


Vitamin C:

150 mg / kg

Phosphorus, total:




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