Saki Hikari Balance

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Saki Hikari Balance

Basic food for adult Koi Saki-Hikari Balance with probiotics is a basic feed with a balanced amount of animal and vegetable proteins, minerals and vitamins of high quality. It provides excellent body proportions and proper muscle development.

Saki-Hikari Balance ensures that the fish grow rapidly and develop excellent.
Basic is designed for adult Koi, where color action is not necessary.

A revolution in Saki-Hikari Koi feeding the most revolutionary Koi food is specially developed for professional growers of Nishikigoi.

During breeding Koi always arise some problems:
Such as poor water quality due to a buildup of organic waste and poor filtration, rapidly spreading diseases, unbalanced growth and fat deposits. These problems are mainly caused by diet.
Saki- Hikari eliminates these problems. This in Japan by professional Koi breeders acclaimed food is now available for the serious Koi hobbyist.

The secret:

Saki- Secret Hikari The secret is Saki- Hikari Hikari Germ. These live bacteria (lactobacillus) are added to Saki-Hikari and ensure optimal intestinal function. The result is an exceptionally good digestion, rapid and steady growth, less water pollution and dirt accumulation, plus a healthy koi.

The Hikari Germ bacteria are called Probiotics. The beneficial effect of these bacteria is not known only to growers, including in products for human consumption, such as yogurt and Yakult uses these bacteria.


How Hikari Germ?
The Hikari Germ works in four phases. First, it provides a faster breakdown of food in the digestive tract. It then ensures optimal digestion and absorption of food in the intestines. Because Hikari Germ nestle in the intestines become pathogenic bacteria contested, stress is prevented and the immune system is strengthened. Finally, Hikari Germ ensures that reduces the amount of excrement, and is powdery. This droppings are filtered better, there is less silt and dirt behind which water quality improved.


Crude protein: 40%
Crude fat: 6%
Crude fiber: 1%
Moisture: 10%
Crude ash: 15%

Available in the following packages:

2 Kg grain Mini, Medium and 5 Kg size: Medium, Large.

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