Saki Hikari Pure White Floating

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Saki Hikari Pure White Floating

A scientifically formulated diet for perfect Shiroji.
Ideal for obtaining or maintaining a clear white skin!

A revolution in Koifoods!

Why Saki Hikari Pure White?

1. Designed to promote a snow white Shiroji. Included uniquely selected ingredients that the yellowing, in the course of time, prevents. (Shiroji is the white skin of the koi).

2. A traditional Japanese health food, an extract of "pickled Japanese apricot", which contains natural apricot Polyphenol and higher levels of citric acid. These contribute to the maintenance of efficient metabolism in the Nishikigoi, an important step in the development of desirable Shiroji.

3. Ground sesame seeds contain antioxidants that help develop improved volume and shine.

4. The highly digestible formula makes it possible to perform at lower water temperatures, making it ideal for the winter show season.

5. Include Hikari-Germ ™, a naturally occurring living microorganism which ensures an optimal intestinal functioning and highly efficient digestion.

6. Hikari-Germ ™ works extremely effectively in the intestine, and makes use of the nutrients required by bad bacteria to survive. This reduces the spread of these bad bacteria and also the risk of diseases or intecties decreases.

Saki-Hikari Purewhite contains at least:

Crude protein: 37%
Crude fat: 5.0%
Crude pulp: 2.0%
Crude ash: 15%
Phosphorus: 1.2%
Moisture: Max 10%

Available in the following packages:

5 Kg grain size Medium.

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