JPD Shori High Growth

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JPD Shori High Growth

This food is from the well-known brand JPD. JPD stands for Japan Pet Design. JPD Delivers the best food in every situation. The food is available in 10 KG.

The Shori is koi food with ingredients that are formulated in such a way that stimulate the absorption of nutrients, thereby enhancing growth, color and resistance.

It contains two types of pro-biotics that ensure that the food has a long shelf life. The food has an ingredient that promotes the stomachless fish with proteins. Pre-digested proteins are used in this food. An additional effect is that the water quality is stimulated by the absorption of the proteins.

The Ingredients in Shori are: Pre-digested LT fish meal, squid meal, shrimp and krill meal, wheat flour, corn, soybean oil cake, sodium phosphate, garlic, pro and pre biotics, increased vitamins, minerals and astaxanthin.

The Vitamins:

A: 25,000 IU / kg

D3: 2,800 IU / kg

E: 200 mg / kg

C (stable): 300



  • Brand: JPD
  • Series Shori High Growth
  • Promotes shots with the fish
  • Pro and Pre Biotica
  • Krill and Shrimp meal stimulates the color
  • Contains digestive enzyme for stomachless fish



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