JPD Shogun All Weather Koi food

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JPD Shogun All Weather Koi food

The shogun koi food from the famous brand JPD is quality food for your koi. The food is available in 10 kg and is perfect for your pond.

This food is easily digestible. It stimulates the digestion process of the koi. As a result, there is less waste production. It is made with natural top quality ingredients. It contains heat resistant vitamin C against diseases, viruses and it reduces stress. The vitamin E and grape seed oil in the food ensures that the skin does not oxidize. Finally, there is also Mannose in what stimulates mucus production. Which makes the skin shine and protected.

JPD stands for Japan Pet Design. This brand stands for quality feed. It is often used by growers.



  • Brand: JPD
  • Series: Shogun
  • Improved digestibility
  • stimulates digestion
  • stimulates the skin of the fish


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