Top Wheatgerm 6MM Floating koi food for low temperatures 15 KG (41 Ltr)

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Top Wheatgerm 6MM Floating koi food for low temperatures 15 KG (41 Ltr)

Our Koi and ornamental fish are primarily designed to nutritional offer the very best to include koi. It mainly focuses on a much higher dose of vitamins. Both vitamin C and E have an important function in the activation of the immune system. Vitamin E in addition, also plays an important role in the reproductive cycle of fish and, moreover, also acts as anti-oxidant. In addition to the vitamins the protein and energy content was also increased. The basic philosophy of our food is concise: GOOD RUN, NOT EXPENSIVE!


Numerous Japanese Koi breeders recommend to cyprinids in winter a diet based on wheat germ to dish. Carp feed based on wheat germ have proved ideal for winter to provide the necessary energy. These fish do not grow during the winter months, but must take the necessary energy to maintain the necessary bodily functions. Wheat germ is also rich in vitamin E which makes the fats in the pellets going rancid. This allows them to be easily stored all winter without risk of spoilage. Our Wheatgerm grain contains 10% wheat germ. Minimum order quantity per box.

Quality Analysis:

  • crude protein: 37.0%
  • crude fat 6.0%
  • crude fiber: 2.5%
  • crude ash: 8.0%
  • vit A: 22500 IU / kg
  • vitamin D3 3000 IU / kg
  • Vitamin E: 200 mg / kg
  • vitamin C: 300 mg / kg
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