6 mm Supreme Mix 15 KG (40 Ltr) Pro-Immune, Spirulina and Growth & Color.

Article number: SF854

Selectkoi Supreme Mix 15 KG (40 Ltr) Pro-Immune, Spirulina and Growth & Color.

Grain: Medium / 6 mm.

Supreme mix is ​​a combination of three types of feed: Pro-Immune, Spirulina and Growth & Color. It provides the perfect mix of immune enhancing, color and growth-stimulating food in one package.


In addition to the raw materials needed to form a complete basic condition feed, additional glucans were added to this grain. Glucans are sugar components extracted from the yeast cell wall (baker's yeast, beer yeast) and certain types of fungi (os the well-known Shi tasks). The binding of these sugar components enables direct activation of the fish's immune system against invaders such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. In addition, an improved immune function may be established in the longer term. Given the sensitivity to viral infections in the spring and autumn and the risk of biological infections on warmer summer days, it is advisable to regularly feed the fish throughout the year with Pro-Immune to keep the immune system active.


Koi experts are more than sufficiently aware of the utility of Spirulin powders. High levels of Spirulina are necessary for health as well as for the coloring of koi, carp and other apricot ornamental fish. The rich range of natural carotene we extract from a high dose of the purest Spirulina, we have supplemented with additional pigments that allow you to make the color shades of the fish deeper and more intense. Due to the natural origin of the pigments, colorings on the white scales of the fish occur.

Growth & Color

Growth & Color is a feed that is put together to quickly and safely restore Koi's color. The balanced content of Astaxanthine (80 ppm) and capsanthine (90 ppm) guarantees intense coloring of koi's without coloring the white scales, giving a contrasting drawing. Astaxanthine is a natural red dye that combines koi, shrimp and flamingos pink to red. Astaxanthine is chemically related to carotene (in carrots) and vitamin A and belongs to the group of carotenoids. Astaxanthine is also a strong antioxidant, with functions similar to Vitamin E and protects the fish from the harmful effects of UV light. Capsanthine (from paprika) is a pigment that also belongs to the group of carotenoids, but naturally does not occur in the animal kingdom. However, Capsanthine is common in several plants and complements the Astaxanthine to obtain a more dark red color. Growth & Color is also a high-quality protein rich high quality quality fish meal, which guarantees a tasty fish feed with a smooth digestion. Due to the high protein content, this color feed is also an excellent growth that allows you to quickly get young koi on color.

Grain: Medium / 6 mm.

Feed advice: It should be fed 3-4 times a day depending on the fish size and the water temperature and can not eat more than the koi within 5 minutes. Remove unexhausted feed from the pond in case of overfeeding. For example, at water temperatures below 10 ° C, Wheatgerm should be fed.

Rough eggwhite:


Vitamin A:

18000 IU / kg

Raw fat:


Vitamin D3:

2400 IU / kg

Crude fiber:


Vitamin E:

200 mg / kg

Rough axis:


Vitamin C (Stable):

240 mg / kg

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