Amalgam - Replacement Lamp / Lamp Replacement


Replacement lamp UV Amalgam This Amalgam lamps have a very good price - performance ratio.

Using traditional UV units or heave UV units.

Why amalgam instead of the normal T5 fluorescent lamps?

  • Higher efficiency (Min. 2x as strong).
  • Longer lamp life 13,000 hours (almost 2x as long).
  • Less energy consumption.
  • UV radiation power increases very slowly.

T5 model.

Fit to several units with this connection.
Among others: Selectkoi Submerge Amalgam UV lamp, aquariolux, koshi.

The 127 Watt Amalgam replacement lamp is for:

- UV-C Timer Pro Inox Amalgam 130 Watt unit.
- UV-C Professional 110mm Amalgam 130 Watt unit.
- Jumbo Koi RVS UVC 150,000 Amalgam 130 Watt unit.

Caution: Never look directly into the light of these lamps. This can cause eye damage.
For maintenance you should therefore turn off the lamp or wear eye protection.

The total length of this T5 amalgam replacement lamp (with stand):

42 Watt Amalgam = 37 cm
52 Watt Amalgam = 44.5 cm
75 Watt Amalgam = 67 cm
105 Watt Amalgam = 86 cm
127 Watt Amalgam = 85.5 cm

There are five models replacement lamps: Make your choice.

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