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For beautiful healthy fish and strong plants, good bacterial action and a super water in the pond

Plants, fish, invertebrates, but also bacteria, have minerals and trace elements necessary for healthy development.
Minerals and trace elements are removed from the clay or rock in which the water is decided in nature. In ponds pond liner or plastic that is not possible. Nor do these essential substances in tap water which is sufficient for them to be added manually. BioStable multi regulator is a new composite product based on pure natural clay that has a balanced mix of all the essential minerals and trace elements for the pond. It brings the mineral balance in your pond on which the following effects will be felt:
  • Lively and growing fish with good disease resistance
  • Improvement of the mucous membrane and the color of koi and other fish
  • An increase in water hardness or gH-value (GH-Plus is no longer needed)
  • A more stable acidity or pH-value
  • Improved decomposition of organic waste, cleaner soil, pipes and filters
  • A more active bacterial metabolism and better filter effect
  • Better and stronger plant with deep colors
  • Improved hygiene and less pond algae formation
  • Healthier and very clear pond water

Use: 1 kg per 10,000 liters

Available in 1, 5, 10 or 25 Kg packing. Make your choice.

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