Bacteria Home / House. One of the most advanced filter media!

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Article number: FAR-BH-MINI 10 KG

Bacteria Home / House

Bacteria home is one of the most advanced filter media on the market. Made of special raw materials and treated with a high-heat heating process of 1800 ° C.

The surface consists of countless, irregular, small pores that form a perfect basis for bacterial growth. The total adhesion surface is many times larger than with other filter media.

10 kg / 35 Ltr. Bacteria Home / House is good for 5000 liters of pond water.

Note: For the best effect of Bacteria Home / House you should use a pre-filter. (E.g. a screen bend, drum filter, Sifi.)


- Significantly reduces Ammonium, Nitrite, Nitrate and keeps it under control.
- Increases the mineral value of the water
- Breaks the water molecules for a higher dissolved oxygen content
- Supports the removal of toxins and heavy metals
- Re-vitalizes water quality!

Great for trickle filters!

We have Bacteria Home / House in different varieties:

- Far Infrared Bacteria Home (The Best Bacteria Home / Most Surface)
- Bacteria Home / House 72x180 mm.
- Bacteria Home / House 42x180 mm.
- Mini Bacteria Home / House 25x25x10 mm.

Make your choice!

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