Superfish Pond Eco

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Superfish PondECO

The PondECO fountain pump from the Superfish brand is an economical pump that uses 50% less energy than a normal pump. This pump is available in several versions. The pump is easy to install.

The pump has a low energy consumption at high power. The pump uses DCS system. This is that the pump has minimal wear due to the ceramic gears and drive. The multi-step hose connection allows a hose of 25/32/40 mm. The pump has a thermal protection that ensures that the pump is not overloaded.

The PondECO 2900 and 4900 with an electronic pond pump are suitable for a small or medium-sized pond. The PondECO 8000, 12000 and 15000 with a synchronous pump is suitable for all types of ponds.


Fashion model: PondECO 2900 PondECO 4900 PondECO 8000 PondECO 12000 PondECO 15000
Max. Pump capacity: 3,500L / h 5,300L / h 7,200L / h 11,300L / h 14,200L / h
Max. discharge head: 2 meters 3.2 meters 4 meters 4.5 meters 4.1 meters
Wattage: 14W 29W 80W 155W 175W
Drying: Yes Yes No No No
Underwater pump: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes



  • Brand: Superfish
  • Series: PondECO
  • Versions: PondECO 2900, PondECO 4900, PondECO 8000, PondECO 12000 and PondECO 15000
  • Low energy consumption
  • DCS System
  • Multi-step hose connection
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