Nishikigoi-Ô Staple Koi food

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Nishikigoi-Ô Staple Koi food

The Ô Staple Koi food from the famous Nishikigoi brand is a floating staple food. This food can be used daily. It is packed with nutrients such as fish oil, grains and fish meal. The food is easily digestible and is perfect for your fish.

The Ô Staple koi food is good for the fish and helps with nutritional balance. It ensures a good condition and a nice shape. It is full of minerals and vitamins that are adapted to the needs of the fish.

This food is full of spirulina. Spirulina has been used for many years by Japanese koi breeders. This food is perfect for the beautiful shape and growth of the fish.

Composition: wheat; fish meal; soybean meal, dehulled, toasted; lucerne protein concentrate; corn gluten; fish meal; spirulina; fish oil



  • Brand: Nishikigoi
  • Series: Ô Staple
  • full of minerals and vitamins
  • Daily use
  • Easily digestible
  • Helps with beautiful shape
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