JPD Health Diet Fujizakura

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JPD Health Diet Fujizakura

The Health Diet Fujizakura from the famous brand JPD is a high-quality koi food with special ingredients that strengthen the immune system. This bag is available in 10 KG.

The food causes the mucous membrane to thicken. This is achieved because different algae and yeasts are used. However, the absorption is many times higher than normal spirulina.

Fujizakura is the best available product for the mucous layer. Contamination by parasites and pathogens is prevented. The healing of the skin and gill damage accelerates and improves. The food stimulates the color of fish and reduces stress.

Ingredients: Fish meal, wheat meal, defatted soybeans, squid meal, corn starch, sodium phosphate, yeast torula, astaxanthin, seaweed extract, vitamins and minerals.



  • Brand: JPD
  • Series: Health Diet Fujizakura
  • High-quality koi food
  • Accelerates healing of skin and gills
  • Strengthens slime layer



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