Fish Pharma Triclam Plus

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Fish Pharma Triclam Plus against skin and gill flukes. Based on Praziquantel (against resistance)

Triclam Plus against skin and gill worms (gyrodactylus and dactyogyrus).


For skin flukes and gill flukes, only once dissolve 1 level measuring spoon per 4 cubic meters in 5 liters of pond water (2.8 grams of triclam plus per 1000 liters of pond water). Then divide this over the pond. This therefore only needs to be applied once and does not have to be repeated.

Switch off UVC and ozone installation during treatment (7 days). After the 7th day, do a 20% water change.

This treatment is not harmful to the filter, you can also continue to feed during this treatment.

What are the skin flukes and gill flukes?

They are flat worms of 0.3-0.5 mm in size, which nowadays regularly occur on our pond fish.

Gyrodactylus is the skin worm that is viviparous and can therefore reproduce quickly and massively. By crawling on the skin, it thickens and a gray slimy layer is created.

Dactylogyrus is the gill fluke and is oviparous. It damages and irritates the gills, causing them to thicken and stop functioning properly. The fish rub their gill covers against plants and stones. With deterioration, they swim with open gill covers due to shortness of breath and may even die.

Active substance in Fish Pharma Triclam Plus: Praziquantel.

Contents: 100 grams (for 35700 liters of pond water).



  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Keep dry.




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