Propolis 50 Ml. Wound Spray

Article number: 05020710
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Colombo Morenicol Propolis 50 Ml. Wound Spray for wound treatment with koi.

Due to regulations, we unfortunately cannot send Colombo products to the United Kingdom.


Colombo Wound spray consists of a concentrated propolis extract. Propolis is a 100% natural product made by bees. Propolis is rich in many medicinal herbs and botanicals which bees gather in nature. As a result, propolis has a strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Because propolis strongly adheres to tissue but not water soluble, it remains on the wound site and thereby protects wounds from re-infection with bacteria and fungi.

Also use Anesthetic Liquid Colombo and Colombo Wound Cleanser for a complete wound care.

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