Colombo Morenicol FMC-50

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Colombo Morenicol FMC-50

FMC-50 is effective against fungus and white spot. Mold is visible to the naked eye as white to green cottony tufts. White spot can be recognized by small white dots on the skin that can best be compared to salt crystals. Unicellular parasites are only visible with the microscope.

Symptoms of an infestation with these parasites include lethargy, chafing and a loss of appetite.

Never use together with salt!
Never use with sturgeons, ides and sunfish.
For small koi (less than 10 cm) use half the dose.

Available in:

  • 250 ml.
  • 500 ml.
  • 1 Ltr.
  • 2.5 Ltr.


Extensive User Manual:


Content calculation:

Calculate the volume of the pond as accurately as possible: length x width x average depth in decimetres = volume in litres.
Morenicol FMC-50 is available in 250 ml packaging for 6,250 ltr pond water, 500 ml for 12,500 ltr, 1,000 ml for 25,000 ltr and 2,500 ml for 62,500 ltr.


Water quality:

Good water quality is essential for an optimal effect of Morenicol FMC-50 and a rapid recovery of sick fish. Therefore, always test the water quality before and after treatment
correct where necessary.


1 ml per 25 liters (40 ml per 1000 liters) of pond water. A measuring cup is included.

The dosage should be halved if the pH is below 7 and at the same time the water temperature is above 15°C, or if there are sensitive fish such as ides, tench or sturgeon in the pond.
If necessary, the treatment can be repeated after 1 week.

As a preventive treatment: During 3 days 1 ml per 100 liters of pond water per day. Measure the required amount into the measuring cup and pre-mix in a watering can or bucket with water. Then distribute evenly over the pond.
Do not filter over carbon or zeolite; Keep UV lamps and ozone devices switched off for up to 1 week after the last application.


After treatment:

Add the product Colombo Fish Protect to the water 48 hours after the last administration of FMC-50. This protects the mucous membrane and binds residues of the product. By adding Colombo Vita-Spray to the feed, healing is supported to the maximum.


Warning: As far as is known, this product is harmless to aquatic animals such as frogs, salamanders, lobsters and snails.

Only for use with ornamental fish in ponds. Keep in its packaging and out of the reach of children between 4 and 32°C. Do not inhale. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of ingestion, seek medical advice immediately and show the container or label.

This product causes permanent stains on clothing and pavement.


Effect on other animals:

Pets and birds drinking from the pond with these resources in it. As a rule it can be said that if fish can swim in it, it is harmless to animals that only drink from it. Nevertheless, it makes sense to simply give pets (e.g. dogs and cats) that are used to drinking from the pond a bowl of water during the treatment.


Degradation: Administered agents will naturally disappear in ponds through natural processes, such as oxidation and degradation by bacteria.


Combinations: There should be a time difference of at least 2 weeks between the use of Morenicol FMC-50 and Morenicol Alparex. The combination with other products is expressly at your own risk!

General information:

White spot is caused by Ichthyophthirius multifiliis. This disease mainly gets its chance when the resistance of the fish is reduced, such as after transport, in case of overcrowding, after water changes, after adding new fish and the like. We see white ones in affected fish
dots 0.1 to 1 mm in size, scattered or gathered in the skin. The fish rub themselves against plants or stones and sometimes stand (with pinched fins) shaking in the water. After loss of much (breathing) skin surface, or direct damage to the gills, shortness of breath and finally death occurs.
In true fungus (usually caused by the species Saprolegnia) we see erect threads, a kind of 'cotton wads' on the skin and/or gills of the fish. The fungus grows superficially over the skin but can also penetrate deep into muscle tissue and organs, where the
damage done eventually leads to death.

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