Superfish Bird & Cat Sprinkler

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Superfish Bird & Cat Sprinkler

Is your pond terrorized with unwanted visitors? Then the Bird & Cat Sprinkler is for you. This device chases away the unwanted like cats or birds. The sprinkler does this with a powerful water sample and flashes of light.

The sprinkler is environmentally friendly and it works on solar energy. It includes a solar panel and 3 X AAA rechargeable batteries. When the batteries are used up, it can be charged via a USB. It has an infrared motion sensor with a range of up to meters and 110 degrees. The water jet can be up to 8 meters and 16 meters wide. The device is splash proof.

The Springler is easy to install, it has a universal hose nozzle with which you can easily click the hose and then the sprinkler is ready to go.



  • Brand: Superfish
  • Series: Bird & Cat Springler
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Including solar panel and 3 x rechargeable AAA batteries
  • Infrared motion sensor
  • Universal hose connection
  • Splash proof



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