Bactoplus Ohmizu Clay. The secret to fantastic water from Japan.

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Bactoplus Ohmizu Clay

Ohmizu the secret to fantastic water from Japan.

BactoPlus Ohmizu makes your pond water optimal for keeping Koi.

In the Japanese Niigata region, breeding Koi started more than a century ago.
To this day, Niigata is the region that produces the most quality koi. One of the secrets is the water. It is not for nothing that the best rice in Japan also comes from Niigata. The mountain water that is used for both koi and rice cultivation is naturally pure and very rich in minerals.
BactoPlus analyzed the water from Niigata and developed Ohmizu. With Ohmizu, valuable minerals are added to the water, contaminants are absorbed and the special BactoPlus bacteria added to the product improve the filter performance, remove sludge and organic contamination. The result is crystal clear and healthy
water, rich in minerals that are essential for the proper development of your Koi.

With 2500 Ml you can provide a pond of 50,000 Ltr with the correct dose of Ohmizu.

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