BPT Series Variable Big Flow Turbine Pond Pump / Filter Pump

Article number: BPT-100-75
Delivery time: 1-3 DAYS

Aquadream BPT Series Variable Turbine Pond Pump / Filter Pump.

This pump has a controller/control panel, so you can easily control the power.

The BPT series pond/filter pumps for (koi) pond, breeding pond and filter filtration. BPT pumps can be installed in water and have good performance and low energy consumption.

Very high water displacement at good pressure with low energy consumption. The pump is extremely suitable for, for example, a (wide) waterfall, creating a flow, and so on. The dirt passage is a maximum of 6 mm and the pump can be used universally due to the threaded connections.

Specifications of this pump are:

  • Mixed flow impeller (mix of propeller and impeller) This type of impeller is increasingly used and results in an optimal flow and head.
  • The shaft of the motor has a continuous channel that serves to cool the motor and rotor. Unlike conventional submersible pumps, the shaft is open towards the water surface. This is intended to allow air trapped in the rotor space to escape upward, often leading to overheating and subsequent pump failure.
  • Ribs are built into the pump. These serve to reduce the vortex generated by the impeller while giving the pump a better and stronger construction.
  • The motor shafts are made of titanium and are more resistant to wear than ceramic shafts, especially breakage.
  • The controllers are also new. During the tests we had to make several improvements and in the end a completely new product was created that also complies with the EMC standards.


Fashion model


Maximum liters per hour

Maximum head


Size (LxH)

BPT 100-75



1,50 mtr


18 x 37 cm

BPT 150-110



2.20 mtr


18 x 37 cm

BPT 250-110



2.80 mtr


18 x 37 cm

BPT 500-110



4.80 mtr


18 x 37 cm



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