Malamix Anti-Parasiet

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Malamix Anti-Parasiet

The Anti-Parasite from the well-known koid doctor Maarten Lammens is a water treatment against single-celled parasites such as White Dot, Costia, Trichodina, Chilodonella, etc. Anti-parasite is a mix of Malachite green and 40% Formaldehyde. It is available in several sizes.

Use: Per 1000 liters of pond water you use 20 ml of the Anti-parasite. It is usually 1 treatment. You must treat the white dot again after 4 days. Continue to air the pond and let the filter run. Switch off the UV and UV lamp for two days. Change 20% of your pond water after 1 week.

Do not use below 8 degrees Celsius. Do not combine this treatment with other chemicals. Only use the fabric outdoors or in a ventilated area. Do not swallow or inhale. When using, wear protective gloves. The substance is poisonous In case of an accident, take the packaging with you to the doctor.

After the treatment it is recommended to administer Malimix17. This aids in the recovery of the fish and the filter bacteria.

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