The Koido Doctor - Anti-Parasite

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The KoiDoctor Anti-Parasite

The Anti-Parasite of the well-known koido doctor Maarten Lammens is a water treatment against unicellular parasites such as White Spot, Costia, Trichodina, Chilodonella, etc. Anti-parasite is a mix of Malachite green and 40% Formaldehyde. It is available in several sizes.

Use: Use 20 ml of the Anti-parasite per 1000 liters of pond water. It is usually 1 treatment. With the white dot you have to treat again after 4 days. Continue to ventilate the pond and let the filter run. Turn off the UV and UV lamp for two days. Change 20% of your pond water after 1 week.

Do not use below 8 degrees Celsius. Do not combine this treatment with other chemicals. Only use the substance outdoors or in a ventilated area. Do not ingest or inhale. When using, wear protective gloves. The substance is toxic. In the event of an accident, see a doctor and take the packaging with you.

After the treatment it is recommended to administer Malimix17. This helps the recovery of the fish and the filter bacteria.

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