SelectKoi B-Mix

The B-mix is a popular Koimix what is left after a selection of AA / A Hand Pick and mix koi. This mix is the final selection koi, here are however to be found. Still beautiful koi Many other Koi breeders offer this mix as A-Mix to. This is the most inexpensive mix that we offer.

How does it work?

The Koi breeder has an unselected (not selected) Koimix. This mix we sell as unselected Babykoi mix. In this mix so you can still find HQ and VHQ koi.

  1. From this Koimix he cites the High Quality Koi (AA Mix koi, koi HQ, Hand Pick Koi Koi HP, High Quality Koi).
  2. After he gets the A-Mix from the koimix.
  3. Everything after the selection remains is B-Mix.

Because indoor grown, we can supply koi and babykoi the year. In this way, there is also kept diseases and viruses outside of the door. Are samples of our cultured koi taken to close. By a licensed veterinarian to KHV completely twice a year