Superfish TopClear Kit

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Superfish TopClear

The TopClear Kit pressure filter from the famous brand Superfish is a unique 3-step pond pressure filter. This filter removes all diseases and algae from the pond. This 3 in 1 kit includes a Pond-flow ECO 3000 pump

What is the unique 3 steps: First, the filter foam ensures the mechanical filtering of the water. In step two, the bacteria in the Bio-balls ensure the biological purification of the water. Finally, in step 3, the water passes a built-in UVC to combat the algae and the pathogenic substances.

The built-in UVC ensures the clarity of the water. The UV indicator ensures that you can see whether the UV lamp is burning. It also has an Auto clean wash which automatically cleans the filter. How can you tell if your filter needs cleaning? For this, the filter has a Flow indicator that shows the flow rate. The filter is delivered including built-in UVC.

The 5000 and 10000 are for small to medium sized ponds. The 15000 and 18000 for all types of ponds.



  • Brand: Superfish
  • Series: TopClear Kit
  • Unique 3-step pond pressure filter
  • Including UVC
  • Including Pond-flow ECO 3000 pump
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