Nitrifix 500 ml

Takazumi Nitrifix

Nitrifix for an incredibly effective natural nitrification.

Nitrifix is ​​a fermented liquid that read Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter bacteria, waste consuming enzymes and enzyme producing bacteria for optimum purity and clarity of the water.

Nitrifix is ​​a unique product for starting and maintaining your filter. Advanced manufacturing technologies, it is also formulated so that the shelf life to a temperature of 36 degrees Celsius for up to two years can be guaranteed.

Nitrifix puts a natural nitrifying that is so effective is that the reduction of the percentages of harmful ammonia and nitrite in your pond is absolutely impressive.
High concentrations of ammonia and nitrite are very toxic to your Koi!

Through breathing and relief of the Koi is ammonium in the water. A part of it is converted into ammonia. The higher the degree of acidity (pH), and the temperature of the water, the more ammonia is formed. Also by the decomposition of plant and food waste is ammonia formed. The Nitrosomonas bacteria convert Nitrifix using oxygen to ammonia in the slightly less toxic nitrite. The Nitrobacter bacteria - again with the help of oxygen - nitrite to nitrate which is less toxic.

It is generally assumed that nitrate is only in very high concentrations is harmful to fish, but it is one of the nutrients for algae. Algae is therefore are contested by the amount of nitrate to bring back.

The conversion of nitrite into nitrate is ammonia via the nitrification and the first part of the nitrogen cycle. (The sequel - the denitrification - the conversion of nitrate to nitrogen gas in a number of steps.)

Nitrifix is supplied as a liquid which is at the pond water is added and in the following volumes:
500 ml
1 liter
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