Bacter Pro 400 gr

Takazumi Bacter Pro

Bacter Pro works against high concentrations of ammonia and nitrite.

Toxic ammonia in your pond by decomposition of plant and food waste and excrement of the fish. Nitrite, which is somewhat less toxic, is formed from ammonia.

Bacter Pro prevents and reduces excessive concentrations of ammonia and nitrite in your pond. It is an innovative product that ammonia and / or nitrite peak within 24 hours to a minimum and reduces that performs best with regular maintenance.

Bacter Pro consists of strains in dried form, which immediately become active when they come into contact with the pond water.

Bacter Pro can be directly on the surface as the filter used.

Bacter Pro
- Provides low ammonia and nitrite levels
- Helps ammonia and nitrite spikes to solve
- Even in high doses is not harmful to the pond environment

Bacter Pro comes as a powder to the pond or in the filter to spread and in jars of 400 grams.
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