Koi Aid 100 ml.


Takazumi Koi Aid

Koi Aid is anti-parasitic and antiseptic!

An ulcer, a wound, open scales, a damaged fin or an external infection. There are numerous causes for damage to your Koi that affect not only its health, but also its appearance. A Koi comes all too easy and oh so difficult to get off. Koi Aid is easy to apply externally and helps your koi to close his own wound in a natural way. Koi Aid kills bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores on contact. External diseases can often be caused by a disease. Always have the cause of such a case thoroughly investigated. Koi Aid is applied externally to the affected area.

Koi Aid
is supplied in 100 ml bottles.



  • Brand: Takazumi
  • Series: Koi Aid
  • Against parasites
  • Content: 100 ml
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