Baby Koi Professional Color & Growth - Professional Floating Koi food


Selectkoi Baby Koi Professional Color & Growth

This is one of the best available babykoivoeders.

Floating babykoivoer complete with top quality ingredients, vitamins and kleurstimulanten.

The selection of high quality ingredients makes the food easily digestible and highly palatable.
By adding Astaxanthin will include the colors of your koi stimulated.

Particle size: 1.5-2.0 mm.

Choice 2 kg / / 4 Kilo / / 10 Kilo
Feeding advice: At a water temperature above 15 degrees can enter multiple times per day run.
Never carry more than the fish can in 5 minutes.

Crude protein:



Vitamin A:

18000 IU / kg


Crude fat:


Vitamin D3:

2500 IU / kg

Crude fiber:


Vitamin E:

220 mg / kg

Crude ash:


Vitamin C:

250 mg / kg

Phosphorus, total:




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