SuperFish Poly Tech Move Filters

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SuperFish Poly Tech Move Filters

Are you looking for professional pond filters? Then you've come to the right place. The Poly Tech Move filters from the well-known superfish brand are perfect for your pond. The filters are available in multiple sizes.

The filters are perfect for koi ponds and large water features. By the multi-rooms and the fg. floating bed filter gives the filter reliability, stability and efficiency and ensures an exceptionally good biological filtration. In the first filter chamber, the filter brushes ensure the best dirt separation. Then it comes to the Japanese mats. These ensure a stable biofilm and a biological balance. Finally, it comes to the Floating bed room. This provides excellent aeration. The moving bed gives a super good biological activity.

The Poly Tech Move includes an air pump that filters the floating bed. We recommend the Superfish Koi-flow air pump. You will find this pump on our site under the heading aeration.

The filter is easy to clean. You only need to rinse the brushes and Japanese mats and the floating bed is self-cleaning. The bins are made of durable polyester and are of high quality. The multiple sizes are as follows: Move 20, Move 30, Move 60, Move 100 and Move 200. The Move 20 is 2 rooms and the rest are all 3 rooms.



  • Brand: SuperFish
  • Series: Poly Tech Move
  • Professional filters
  • Multiple rooms
  • Good biological filtration
  • Easy to clean
  • Material: durable polyester
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