JPD Mud Booster

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JPD Mud Booster

The Mud booster From the JPD brand, the Japanese mudpond brings to your pond. The bag is available in 10 KG. JPD stands for Japan Pet Design.

The Mud Booster absorbs a lot. This is due to the molecular level of negatively charged particles that exchange ions. The mud booster neutralizes the water by neutralizing the waste, metals, toxins and ammonium. It binds organic substances such as dyes and algae. The mud booster accelerates the removal of unwanted substances to the filter system.

It provides crystal clear water with a beautiful shine. This is because the mud booster removes the nutrients from algae so that the algae cannot grow. The hardness and acidity is stimulated in the pond water.


  • Brand: JPD
  • Series: Mud Booster
  • Neutralizes waste
  • Bind organics
  • Accelerates the removal of unwanted substances
  • Crystal clear water
  • Stabilizes hardness and acidity
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