Malamix Malamix 17

Article number: KO_MALA5

Malamix Malamix 17

The Malamix from the well-known Koidoktor Maarten Lammens is a boost for your pond. This mix contains Organic vitamins, herbs and plant mix for the utmost health of the fish in your pond.

Why Malimix17?

When the slime layer of the fish is bad, the fish has a poor protective layer. There are still pathogens in every pond. When you use Malimix17, the fish gets a thicker mucous layer and better health. Moreover, MALAMIX17 also contains nutrients / enzymes that boost the filter bacteria and probiotics. This improves water quality and supports the immune system.

When do you use Malimix17?

To improve the slime layer you should add the Malimix to your pond every 3 months. It is also useful to add the Malimix in winter. During the cold months it is useful to have immune enhancers. After a treatment against worms or parasites it is useful to add the Malimix.


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