Trickle Tower Large (Bakki Shower)

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Filtreco Trickle Tower Large (Bakki Shower)

The Filtreco Trickle Tower Large effectively converts harmful, dissolved waste (such as proteins, ammonium, nitrite, etc.) in the pond water into harmless compounds.

The more fish swimming in a pond, the more waste is created. Aerobic bacteria (bacteria that occur in an oxygen-rich environment) break this waste down into nitrate, a substance that is less harmful to water quality.

Good water quality is very important to keep Koi optimally healthy. In a pond with optimal water values, Koi will feel more comfortable and the growth and development of the fish will be stimulated.

The water enters the Filtreco Trickle Tower Large filter at the top of the inflow basin, where it is distributed over 1 spray pipe of 63 mm. Underneath, 1 so-called drip units are placed, which are provided with a perforated bottom through which the water flows easily. The drip units are filled by the user with a filter material of your choice. We recommend Bacteria Home for this , this is one of the most advanced filter media on the market. Made of special raw materials and treated with a high-heat heating process of 1800 ° C, making the total adhesion surface many times larger than with other filter media. The units of the Trickle Tower also feature air vents that allow oxygen to be drawn in easily. This ensures optimum oxygen saturation of the water. Due to the surplus of oxygen, even in the warm periods of the year, there is hardly any oxygen deficiency in the pond. The 3 outflow tube of 90mm has a beautiful return to the pond.

Always place a Sieve in front of the Trickle Tower!




Size (L x W x H) 990 x 1202 x 416 mm
Max. flow 30,000 l / h
Inlet 1x 63 mm tube with 8 mm holes
Exit 3x 90 mm at the front
Material Polypropylene
1st floor 63 mm nozzle tube with 8 mm holes
2nd floor
Empty container with 10 mm holes in the bottom
3rd floor
Empty container with 10 mm holes in the bottom
4th floor
Bake with 3 x return of 90 mm tube
Including Lids
Color Sahara
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