Filtreco Sieve 3 Pump fed!

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Filtreco Sieve 3

Filtreco (formerly Filtra) Sieve are mechanical pre-filters that serve the first step in the filtering process, namely pre-filtration! With mechanical filtration, the first coarse particles such as feces, leaves and food remains are separated. This is necessary to keep the load on the biological filter medium as low as possible.

The Filtreco Sieve 3 can be connected directly to a skimmer and a bottom drain. This is important for proper recirculation of your entire pond system. The water is supplied through the two pipes of the skimmer and the bottom drain. It is best to choose a 110 mm tube for this connection. Due to the 110 mm. the dirt circulation will function optimally! We also advise you to install a T-piece for the Sieve on the bottom drain pipe, which is connected directly to the sewer system. If this is not possible, you can also use a sink with a submersible pump to drain from there. A bottom drain pipe of 110 mm. namely must have a minimum flow of 17 m3 / hour to prevent the accumulation of solid particles.

In practice, we cannot realize this recirculation speed, hence the additional possibility of flushing! Once in the Filtreco Sieve, the water will run through a stainless steel sieve. This is where the first separation of the solid particles begins. The sieve has openings from 300 to 200 microns in the last 5 cm. This is more than enough to catch the most important dirt particles and still let through sufficient nutrition that the mineralizing bacteria badly need! After passing through the sieve, the water will be transported further via a container by means of a pump. Usually this will lead to a biological filter or in some cases directly to the pond.

On top of the filter is a movable valve that can cut off the water supply when the sieve needs cleaning. This way you can flush the dirt out of the system with a minimal amount of water. For this, an additional drain is integrated on the Filtreco Sieve! You can also connect this drain to your sewer or landfill.

Pay attention! The Filtreco Sieve 3 is intended for a pump-fed setup!


Size (L x W x H) 520 x 520 x 622 mm
Max. flow 20,000l / h
Strainer element 300 microns and the last 50mm 200 microns
Strain 445 x 400mm
Inlet 1 x male thread 2 "
Exit 1x 110mm
Dirt removal 1 x male thread 1 1/2 "
Including 50mm ball valve
Material Polypropylene
Including Lid on sieve
Lid Sahara
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