Filtreco Moving Bed Filter Large

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Filtreco Moving Bed Filter Large

The Filtreco Moving Bed Filter Small consists of a “moving bed” filter principle. A filter method that excels in its simplicity and performance and is ideal for filtering Koi ponds. The system stems from the intensive Koi sector in which controllability, performance, low energy consumption and ease of operation are absolute requirements.


The filter material in the Filtreco Moving Bed Filter consists of loose Filtreco wheel particles that are continuously moved by an ingenious air lift system. The surface of the filter material is approx. 800 m2 per cubic meter. Continuous transport of the filter material through the filter chamber results in optimal contact of the water with the bacterial culture remaining on the filter material. In addition to the transport function, the air provides intensive aeration and thus an optimal oxygen supply for the biological processes in the filter. Due to the fluidized bed of water and filter material, the dirt has no chance to settle. This makes the Filtreco Moving Bed Filter a unique product.


The Filtreco Moving Bed Filters are equipped with a moving bed including Filtreco wheels, an air dish and a sieve from 300 to 200 microns the last 5 cm with a very wide spout of 55.5 x 40 cm. The filter installation is a very compact unit and takes up little space.



The Filtreco Moving Bed Filter Small is suitable for ponds up to 60,000 liters of water.





Size (L x W x H) 1480 x 790 x 1500 mm
Max. flow 30,000 l / h
Strainer Element 300 microns and the last 50 mm 200 microns
Strain 715 x 400mm
Inlet 2x male thread 2 "
Exit 2x 110mm
Dirty drain 3 x male thread 1 1/2 "
Including 5 x 50 mm and 2 x 63 mm ball valve
Material Polypropylene
1st room Filtreco wheels 100 lt.
2nd room Filtreco mats
Including Lids
Including Filtreco wheels 100 lt.
Color Sahara
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