4 Moving Bed Chamber Gravity Sieve

Article number: 100234
4 Chamber Moving Bed Gravity Sieve

Is drawn at the same height of the pond and the Filtreco 4 bedroom moving bed filters gravity works on the basis of gravity. The water enters the filter through the bodemdrains and skimmers.

Room 1:

Equipped with a filter to waste solids from the water to seven. This is based on a sieve-bend, which is made up of hundreds of sharp stainless steel rods, which are tilted relative to each other. The water comes against the upright side of the triangular rods and falls therethrough, while the dirt remains on the rods, and is transported toward the discharge tray.

Room 2 and 3:

Consist of a "moving bed" filter principle that is very suitable for koi ponds. This filter excels in its simplicity and performance. The system stems from the intensive Koi sector accountability, performance, low power consumption and ease of an absolute requirement.

The filter material consists of loose Filtreco Wheel particles are held constantly in motion by an ingenious air lift system. In that the filter material moves through the filter chamber, results in an optimal contact of the water with the bacterial culture. Staying on the filter material In addition to its transport function, ensures the movement of the filter material for an intensive aeration and hence for an optimal supply of oxygen for the biological processes in the filter.

Although the filter is very compact and takes up little space, the surface of the filter material in the 2nd and 3rd room offers approx 800m2 per cubic meter of space for the waste bacteria. These bacteria eat the toxic waste from the water (proteins, ammonium, nitrite, etc.) making a natural processing of the waste in the water.

Room 4:

Provide Filtreco mats. It filters not only small mechanical, inorganic and organic dirt particles from the water but also provide an ideal accretive opportunity for useful, waste-reducing bacteria. Also, the bacteria in the bio film of the mats life of the constant supply of waste. For a certain period of time, the water is intended to flow along the mats to make the time of contact with the bio-film is long enough so that sufficient degradation of waste can take place.

This filter chamber need not be aerated to be because a large amount of air coming from the 2nd and 3rd chamber.
By the intensive filtering of the pond water, you can enjoy a very clear pond. Is drawn at the same height of the pond and the Filtreco 4 bedroom moving bed filters gravity works on the basis of gravity. The water enters the filter via 2 input 110mm whose bodemdrains and skimmers can be connected, the feed back by 2x 110mm return to the pond.

The Filtreco 4 Chamber Moving Bed Gravity Sieve is suitable for ponds up to 60,000 liters of water.


Size (L x W x H) 2260 x 680 x 785 mm
Max. flow 30000 l / h
Sieve element
300 microns, and the last 50 mm 200 micron
Sieve 555 x 360 mm
Inlet 2 x 110 mm
Output 2 x 110 mm (spout not less than 400 mm below the water level)
Waste removal 5 x male 1 1/2 "
Including 5 x 50 mm ball valve
Material Polypropylene
Including Lids
Including Filtreco Wheels 150 lt.
1st room Sieve
2nd room Filtreco Wheels 75 lt.
3rd room Filtreco Wheels 75 lt.
4th room Filtreco mats
Color Sahara

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