3 Chamber Small

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Filtreco 3 Chamber Small

The Filtreco Multi-chamber filters consist of 3 chambers, each filled with carefully selected filter materials:

A chamber with filter brushes for the mechanical filtration of the pond water and the 2nd and 3rd chambers with Filtreco mats for 100% biological filtration by bacteria. All filter materials are easy to clean. Filter brushes are intended to rid the supplied pond water of coarse dirt particles that can clog the filter. Filtreco mats are used to purify the water from small, organic dirt particles. In addition, the mats offer an ideal attachment option for useful, waste-reducing bacteria.

The bacteria in the filter eat, as it were, the toxic waste from the water (proteins, ammonium, nitrite, etc.), which creates a natural processing of the waste in the water. Bacteria in the biofilm of the mats live on the constantly supplied waste products. By allowing the water to flow over the biofilm on the mats, useful bacteria have the opportunity to absorb food. The water has to flow past the biofilm for a certain time in order to make the contact time with the biofilm long enough so that adequate degradation of waste materials can take place. This is ensured with the Filtreco Chamber Filter. All chambers can be cleaned separately for each filter compartment by means of a bottom drain with ball valve. The Filtreco Chamber Filters can be used as a gravity filter or as a pump-driven filter. In the gravity variant, the water enters the filter via a skimmer and the purified water is pumped back to the pond. The filter is below or equal to the water surface. With the pump variant, the water is pumped into the filter and the outflowing water flows back into the pond. The filter is above the water surface of the pond .

The Filtreco 3 Chamber Small is suitable for ponds up to 8,000 liters of water.  


Size (L x W x H) 1015 x 498 x 600 mm
Max. flow 6,000 / 8,000 l / h
Brushes 8 x 150 x 200 mm
Inlet 1x 110 mm
Exit 1 x 110 mm
Dirty drain 3 x 40 mm
Including 3 x 40 mm ball valves
Material Polypropylene
Including Lids
1st room Brushes
2nd room Filtreco mats
3rd room Filtreco mats
Color Sahara
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