Pump driven Skimmers

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Article number: SK-30

Aqua King Skimmers

A skimmer is a device that is used to floating material from the surface of the water of the pond to be discharged. These are mainly leaves, dirt and dust throughout the year on the pond surface water. The filters are less stressed because the dirt sinks to the bottom.

The pond surface is constantly sucked so the surface will look nice there, also the skimmer extra oxygen in the water by placing the constant drainage of surface water.

The Aqua King Skimmers have a built-in pump for collecting floating / floating debris. The oppervlakteskimmer enables fast, easy and safe removal of coarse dirt floating in your pond. The Skimmer is flexible and adapts to any change in the water level.


There are 2 types Aqua King Skimmers:

- Aqua King SK-30

45 Watt

2500 L / h

- Aqua King SK-40

90 Watt

4200 L / h

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