Aquaking Bacterial House

Article number: H1.002

Aquaking Bacterial House

The Aquaking Bacteria House is a special filter medium made of mineral stone and alica that is baked at a very high temperature. Thanks to the open construction, there is a very rapid growth of large colonies of bacteria.


Bacteria are indispensable for your pond. In your pond, but especially in the biological filter, processes take place that ensure that your pond and koi remain healthy. Without these bacteriological processes, you will soon have to deal with sick, even dead fish or enormous algae growth.


Due to its porosity, the Bacterial House is up to 10 times more effective than a normal filter medium! Due to the large surface area, more colonies of bacteria will grow, which are necessary for the breakdown of nitrate and ammonia in biological filter systems. The emission scale of BH is more than 0.92.


Bacterial House releases minerals and trace elements that are necessary for the good health of all organisms in the water such as fish and plants.
Suitable for all filter systems, but especially suitable for systems where a high efficient filter medium is required.


Specifications Aquaking Bacteria House 40 - 170 mm:

  • 40 x 170 mm with a large hole of 1 cm.
  • Weight ± 135 grams each.
  • 20-25 pieces in a box.
  • 3.5 KG content in a box.


Specifications Aquaking Bacteria House 40 - 40 mm:

  • 40 x 40 mm with a large hole of 1 cm.
  • 75-80 pieces in a box.
  • 3.5 KG content in a box.
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