Alg-Stop Anti fibrous algae agent

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Alg-Stop Anti fibrous algae agent

With AquaForte Alg-Stop is a substance added to the water, using an adjuvant, eagerly absorbed by algae. Simultaneously, a further, vital signs, food intake is blocked. It draws no nutrients in the water but ensures that they are no longer available for the algae. Alg-Stop penetrates into the algae and destroys the limestone skeleton so they can let go and be captured by the filter. Any measure phosphate value by adding Alg-Stop no longer relevant and can be neglected. Alg-Stop contains no ammonium compounds or metal salts. Alg-Stop quickly dissolves in the water so the algae can absorb the product quickly.

Use and dosage

Use the first month every 10 days 100 grams per 3000 liters of pond water. Then dispenses you maintain at least 1 x per month 100 grams per 3000 liters of pond water. Sprinkle the product evenly over the pond surface. Regularly remove the dead algae and clean your filter regularly Caution when using:.Do not use in combination with other algae or agents which extract something out of the water, such as activated carbon, zeolite, nirtaathars, ozone, etc ... For optimum operation TripAdvisor check water values: GH (maximum 12 but at least 6) and KH (maximum 8 but at least 4). Again refresh dosing after heavy rain showers or after water. When using excessive algal growth or shallow water zones like double dose. Alg-Stop is also ideal for swimming ponds. To keep the pond free of algae you Alg-Stop must use at least 1 x per month.

Example annual consumption:

1,000 liters of pond water = 0,4 kg per year (0.5 kg initial dose) 5,000 liters of pond water = 2,1 kg per year (2.6 kg initial dose) 10,000 liters of pond water = 4,2 kg per year (5,2 kg starting dose) 25,000 liters of pond water = 10.8 kg per year (13 kg initial dose)
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