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The Koidokter - Anti-worm

Do you suffer from worms in your pond. Then the anti-worm of the koi doker maarten lammens is the solution. This water treatment is against skin worms (Gyrodactylus), gill worms (Dactylogyrus) and internal worms. But it is also harmful to your filter. It is available in several mater.

Use: With 1000 liters of water you use 6 grams of the Anti-worm. First dissolve in some pond water. Repeat the treatment after about 6 days. This product can be used with all pond fish. For the fish Ide, tench and roach, the dose is halved. Only use 80% of the dose if the acidity (pH) is lower than 7. Only use this medicine after an expert diagnosis of the disease. Always aerate well during the treatment. One week after the last treatment, change the water by 20%.

Do not use below 7 degrees. The filter can continue to run during the treatment, switch off UVC and ozone installation for 4 days. You cannot combine the treatment with another treatment and / or chemical substances.

You can safely feed the fish during the treatment. The product should be stored in a dark, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

Only use this product when it has been diagnosed by a professional.

Tip: After this treatment it is recommended to administer Malimix17. This restores the mucous membrane of the fish and gives the filter an extra boost!


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