De Koidokter - Anti-Mix

Article number: KO_antimix250

De Koidokter - Anti-Mix

The Anti-Mix from the well-known koid doctor Maarten Lammens is a water treatment against most single-celled parasites, bacteria and fungal infections. Anti-Mix is a combination of Acriflavine with Malachite green.

Use: in 1000 liters of water you use 20ml of the mix. A treatment against white spot must be repeated, there must be 4 days in between. You need to vent your pond and run the filter. Switch off the UV and / or ozone lamp for 2 days. after 1 week you should change your water by about 20%. If your pond is below an acidity of 7 PH then you should use 80% of the dose.

Do not combine the treatment with other chemicals. Use this fabric only in a well-ventilated area. The substance is poisonous. So do not swallow, inhale and avoid contact with the skin and eye. Use gloves when using.

In the event of an accident during use, contact a doctor immediately and take the original packaging with you. In case of contact with skin / eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice

It is recommended to administer Malamix17 after this treatment. This repairs the fish's mucous membrane and restarts the filter bacteria.

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